Award Nomination Form

All nominations must be submitted using this AWARD NOMINATION FORM.

Business owners may self-nominate, however, they must complete the AWARD NOMINATION FORM.

All nomination forms and nomination packages must be submitted prior to the deadline of August 13, 2021.

What to Include in the Nomination Package

Financial Success of Business:
Briefly detail the financial history of the firm as well as any major obstacles or challenges the firm faced and overcame. Include the story of the firm in a clear narrative that describes the goods or services offered, the reasons for success, annual gross revenues for the past three years (so judges can chart growth), and number of employees at startup, as well as the current number. (Remember, judges are equally interested in the financial and personal successes of the nominees and their contributions to both the local economy and their communities.) Your submission should include:
a) History of business: Date the business was established or purchased and how it progressed to current state of success. Eligible businesses must have been owned and operated by the nominee for the last three years.
b) Major obstacles/challenges the firm faced to reach financial success.
c) Nominee’s background. A brief biography with highlight on what nominee was doing before starting a business; why the business was started; what services or products the business provides, and an overview of the firm’s customer base.

Economic Impact:                                                                                                                              Discuss the firm’s pattern of growth. Review the number of employees and revenue levels at start-up as compared to current levels. Assess the firm’s impact on the economy overtime. Does the firm promote from within, offer training, welcome interns or participate in a journeyman’s program? How many jobs has the firm created in the past three years? If applicable, describe any unique management approaches or employee benefits.

Community Impact:
Provide information on involvement of the nominee in community activities, including those specifically relating to entrepreneurship, mentoring, youth awareness, and community economic development. Detail the community events and programs supported by the nominee or their firm and who has benefited as a result. Where possible, offer stories of how this support has helped individual persons. Highlight the owner’s philosophy regarding giving back to the community and how that translates into business practices. If applicable, discuss how the owner benefitted from community programs while growing up, or as an emerging entrepreneur.


Business Profile:
Provide details on any relevant awards, citations or public recognition received by the owner or firm in the last three years. List organizations with which the nominee is affiliated that support or foster minority and/or small business growth and development. Has the nominee benefited from any local business development programs, and if so, how and from whom?

Submitting Completed Nomination Packages

Completed nomination forms may be mailed or faxed to:
Minority and Small Business Alliance of Southern Arizona
P.O. Box 22801
Tucson, AZ 85734
Attn: Nominations Committee

FAX: (520) 441-2797
Attn: Nominations Committee

For further information, contact:
Jo Anne Arvizu, Chair, Nominations Committee, (520) 202-4922

Deadline for Nomination Forms is: August 13, 2021